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Welcome to the Mahoning Valley Medical Society

The Mahoning Valley Medical Society (MCMS) is a professional and scientific organization representing nearly 500 practicing, retired and resident physicians in Mahoning Valley. Membership in the MVMS is voluntary; physicians are not required to join in order to practice medicine in the Mahoning Valley area. Those who choose to join, however, do so because they are interested in the same goals as other members of the society --- quality medical care for every resident of Mahoning Valley and all of Ohio.

For the physicians of the Mahoning Valley Medical Society, quality medical care involves much more than providing accessible, affordable health care treatment. Quality medical care in Mahoning Valley involves public information and health education, physician involvement in community health affairs, and patient advocacy.

We hope that this website will provide you with pertinent health information and resources. We welcome your comments and questions. Click here to contact us or call 330-533-4880.

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